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Happy Friday Grovites!
We hope you are all looking forward to being back at school next week – we can’t wait to see you and feed you so much YUMmy goodness! Both Karri and TapTuck orders are open for next week’s orders. See below for how to get TapTuck set-up.

As mentioned last week, one of our main missions at YUM is to make parents and teachers’ lives simpler by making daily school lunches and after school snacks easy, convenient, and YUMmy. We have always planned to extend this and are super excited to almost, nearly-nearly be launching our Supper Sorted menu with you! The menu will include simple, delicious, and wholesome meals that are designed for you to simply heat and eat on the days that you wish Supper was Sorted!
Supper Sorted ordering will be available daily to purchase on the YUM Online website and we will be offering either collection (with your children during school pic-up) or local delivery options – all details to follow next week. We hope you are as excited about this as we are!

It’s My Birthday orders for August are still open. If you have a birthday in August (or in September), place your order on Karri and notify us of the date of delivery to the class on
We can’t wait to see you all soon!

Best 💚
Bernice, Ricardo and Anet xxx

Get tapping on TapTuck!

To get yourself registered and ordering in no time at all, follow the steps below after having downloaded the app on your phone:
TapTuck is a super easy and user-friendly app that you can download here:
When adding your child’s profile in ADD KID, remember to select the correct school on the school drop-down list. 
 The Grove Primary School – YUM
You need to create a profile for each of your children if you have more than one child in the school. 
If you’re having any trouble in downloading, installing, creating a profile, adding your children or funds, please contact us on our YUM WhatsApp line or on e-mail and we will gladly assist you. 🙂 

We’ll also gladly send you our usual Getting Started Guide. 

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